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Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Why Do You Do This?" Sunday, January 26. 2014.

“Why do you do this?”
“Do what?”
“You mean help out with confirmation?”
“Yeah. Like school hours, community service or something?”
“Oh. No, not for hours.”
“You do this just for fun?”
“Well sure. And because I love Jesus. And I hope that you can learn to love Him too.”

Though a mere 30 second conversation,
I’ve been thinking about it all week.
A couple of things have come to mind.

First, when did we become a generation who does things only for something?
What’s in it for me?
Will the reward be greater than the effort that I put in?
Guilty as charged.

So very often I contemplate the pros and cons.
Pros- what’s in it for me?
Cons- what’s it gonna cost me?

I’m so glad that Jesus is just so much better than me.
What would have happened if He used this logic?
If He had been a selfish person?
We would not have the gift of eternal life.

What might I be missing when I make selfish choices?
What if I just did things for His glory
instead of taking a moment to think about the sleep I’d be losing?

And second,
why on earth do people need to question my motives?
Because I fail at being a good Christian.

If I were a good Christian,
then it would be clear that my motive would be Christ.
But that’s not clear. 
Something needs to change.

I wish that that teen did not need to ask that question.
I wish that that teen knew that I was there for the glory of the Lord.
But they didn’t.
I need to be a better Christian.

We all have an ultimate goal.
Hopefully it’s heaven.
That’s my goal.
All my actions should reflect that goal.
Grocery shopping, running, and confirmation small group included.

My goal here is
to find out how to live in a way 
that constantly reflects Christ and His love for humanity.

I’m going to venture to say that you may be interested in a similar goal?
Post New Year’s resolution?
Let’s go live in reflection of Christ and His great unending love.