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Monday, July 13, 2015

Live Intentionally. Monday, July 13. 2015.

I’m an athlete.
This statement has become real to me since I haven't been able to run.
I’ve been injured since mid-May.
This means that my running 50 miles a week dwindled to nothing.
Now, it’s back on the rise…8 miles last week! Woohoo!
But as I’m writing this,
I have yet another new pain in my foot.

During this time of no running
and the school year coming to an end,
I’ve had a lot of free time.
A lot.

Free time that I planned on using as running time.
But I can’t run.
And I still have this free time.

Athletes are adrenaline junkies.
It’s our addiction.
Our drug of choice.

I don’t do well with so much free time.
No new goal or new height or new distance or new pace.
I feel so blah.
Like I am just going through the motions.

No purpose.
Day in and day out.

Focusing on the things ahead
and not paying attention to all that is in between.
Only to find that the thing I was looking towards isn’t nearly as great as I had hoped.
Along with that disappointment,
is the loss of all the sacred time from here
to the not-so-great thing looked forward to.

It’s a word that has been on my heart lately.


I get the feeling that I am supposed to apply these words to my life right now.
But I am still learning how exactly to do that.

My current goal is to
live with intention.
Live intentionally.
Be intentional.

I don’t know exactly what those phrases mean yet,
but I am learning.

I think our lives are too precious to be wasted.
We are meant for more than
drowning in an ice-cream-pint-pity-party
or getting our Netflix-fix.

Our lives have meaning.
They have a purpose.

It is up to us to seek out that purpose.
To find the reason.  

I haven’t been doing this ‘living with intent’ thing for long.
I’ve spent most of my time being injured dwelling on the negative.
It’s only been recently that I have tried to change my mindset
but even still, I screw it up multiple times a day.

Today for example.
I’ve failed so much more than I will even begin to admit.

I’m not a pro,
but I’m trying.

I certainly know that there is a difference between sitting on the couch all day
or going out and making the most of the day I’ve been blessed with.

I’m learning that there is a difference between doing something
and doing that something with grace.

I’m figuring out that attitude accounts for much of how we go about our days.   

I’m curious to know how the world would change if we all lived with intent.

I intend to live.
I intend to live well.

I choose to live intentionally.

I trust that though life is hard,
we have a God who intends to see us through,
even in the darkest of times.