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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hail Mary. Mother's Day. Sunday May 8, 2011.

If you love Her, protect Her.
Do you love Her enough to protect Her?
Pray the Rosary.
Hail to the Mother who is full of grace.
Praise to the Mother who is so often pained by the evil in the world.

We all deeply love our mothers.
There is simply no person who can take the place of a mother.
Most of us would do anything to protect our mother if she was in danger or in harm’s way. 
We would use any means needed;
anything for the woman who sacrifices so much for us. 
It should be the same for Mary.
Our perfect and heavenly Mother.
We should be ready at any moment to defend Her.
To protect Her.
To love Her.
And this is what She asks of us-
Please, pray the rosary.

In each house that we have lived in, my mom hangs up this mirror that has a number of hooks at the bottom of it.  Each of the hooks holds two or three rosaries.  This mirror is always hung somewhere near the front door.  A friend was over one time and commented on the fact that the rosaries were all lined up like weapons that we would grab in a hurry, run out the front door, and fight in a battle.
The rosary beads are the weapons of peace that we are called to use to fight for our Mother.
The rosary is the weapon of peace.
A prayer of praise.
To honor the beloved Mother.

In Croatia, the word that they use for the Rosary is krunice.  It is more properly translated as crowns.  Each time we pray the Rosary we are forming a crown of roses for Mother Mary that we will present to Her. She will joyfully accept the crown of roses with tears of joy.  She loves us all so much.  She is pained by so much evil in the world.  To know that we can bring Her joy by something as simple as praying the Rosary? What is better?
What a joy, what a privilege, what an honor, to be so blessed to be able to bring JOY to the Mother of the world.
We are SO blessed.
So very blessed.

So often I overlook this amazing gift.
I’ll pray the rosary later…
And so very often it just never happens.
I’m too busy.
I’m too busy to bring the Mother of the world JOY?!
This is absolutely a fault of mine.
I should take full advantage of this gift.
After all, joy is my favorite word, my favorite thing and I won’t take the time to bring that joy to the one who loves me unconditionally?

Our Mother deserves all of our praise.
All that we are.
All that we have.
All that we hope to be.
She deserves it ALL.
No holding back.

This is Mother’s Day.
This is HER day.
Bring Her some joy.
Pray the Rosary.
Put a smile on Her face,
Put tears of joy in Her eyes,
And put happiness in Her heart.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death.

Many thanks to Fr. Charbel who gave an outstanding homily this morning; many of the ideas in this blog came from his divinely inspired homily. Please, pray for our priests. Pray that they may continue to be open to the Holy Spirit and continue to faithfully lead this Church home.

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