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Friday, December 2, 2011

Monotony and the Glory of the Lord. Friday, December 2. 2011.

Rut. Rut. Rut. Rut.
Wake up at 5am-go to the gym-go to mass-get ready-go to school-come home-do homework-go to church-eat dinner-go to bed-and repeat.
That is pretty much my schedule for the day.
For everyday.
It is not particularly exciting.
In fact, it just becomes routine.
It becomes just blah.
And sometimes I feel caught in a rut.
Stuck in a whirlwind.
I think it is fair to say that at some point or another most people end up just going through the motions; they feel caught in a rut.
So many times as I am just going through the motions of my daily routine and a heave this big sigh; really this, again?
It seems like so little.
If feels like I am making absolutely no dent in the world for Christ.
Listening to the Sociology teacher who uses her class as her own personal therapy time and gives us brilliant life advice such as, "Do not date someone who does not like you" just seems so pitiful in the big picture.
I sit in class at times just thinking there has got to be something more productive.
Something more to life.
There has got to be some way to better serve Christ.
The sole reasons for our creation are to know, love, and serve Him.
Am I really serving Him sitting is Sociology?
It is something I struggle with almost everyday.
It is a battle that rages in my head so often.
It is a battle that God constantly wins.
He gently reminds me that it is the way in which I go about my routine that I can bring fame to Him.
He convinces me that right now I am going to school to get an education so that I may get a job.
And it is through that that I should serve Him.
While I am not a missionary in Africa, my life is no less important.
It is just as much my job to bring glory to His name as it is the missionary's.
It is my job to figure out how to glorify Him through my routine.

I fully trust that He places each person in the right place at the right time.
If my duty is to serve Him and He puts me in a specific place then it is my duty to serve Him right where I am.
Right where He has placed me.
So if listening to my Sociology teacher giving us "advice" and listening to her rant about her life brings glory to Him, then praise God.
It is possible that her seemingly useless ranting keeps her sane.
Or maybe it brings her unseen joy when students show an interest in what she has to say.
Maybe it is none of that.
But if sitting in class and listening attentively brings glory to Him because that is where He placed me and that is where He wants me to serve, then praise Him.
It does not seem the most obvious way to glorify Him.
But it is important to recognize that it is possible to glorify Him though the tedious and monotonous daily activities.
He gave it all for us. His life. So that we may live.
It is only right that it is our duty to give it all over to Him.
The annoying coworker, the tedious job, and the teacher who rambles;
Whatever the routine, whatever the rut, whatever the monotony, glory can be brought to Him.

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  1. Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

    Deep Sigh. Thank you for sharing from your heart, dear Rebecca. Thanks be to God that you just brought glory to Our Father in these simple words you typed, here, on this page. May your life be a living testimony of "who" He REALLY is, as you bring glory to Him in all you think, all you speak, and all you do. +Amen.

    Viva Cristo Rey!