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Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing...Pray for Boston. Monday April 15, 2013.

If you know me at all, you know that I am a runner.
Running takes up a pretty big chunk of my life.
It’s just one of those things that I love.
Running has become some sort of spiritual experience even.
It’s hard to put into words.

Being a runner, I was naturally super excited about today.
Just ask my friends,
I had multiple live coverage stations going on my computer while
attempting (attempting being the key word) to do some homework.

Today is THEE runners’ day.
The Boston Marathon!
This is THEE marathon if you are a runner.
Every runner dreams about being able to make it into Boston.

I stopped the coverage, ate some lunch, took a nap,
and right before I went to my last class, I checked my phone.
My Facebook feed was covered with the news of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

My heart just dropped.
More violence?
More evil?
More sin in the world?

I just can’t even imagine the sheer terror,
the injuries,
and the lives lost.

It’s just heart wrenching.
And this is just one of those things where no one has sufficient answers.
No one can answer the question, why?

I think this is just one of those situations where the answer to the question why?
is not what is important.
What is important from this point on is our response.

Our response should be one of fervent prayer.
Prayer for healing for the injured,
prayer for recovery from the trauma and fear,
prayer for those wondering about their loved ones,
prayer for the medical personal,
prayer for the volunteers,
prayers for the police officers, firefighter, and medics,
and prayers for whoever cause this bombing- simply because they need it most.

This is a tragic time
but one that reminds us of the brief beautiful gift of life that we have been given.
It’s a gift, this life.
It’s short; a blink of an eye in terms of eternity.
It’s beautiful.
It’s a blessing.
It’s an opportunity to pray for others who are hurting more than we are.
It’s an opportunity to embrace those whom we love and tell them so.
It’s an opportunity to serve the Lord who loves us so immensely.
It’s an opportunity to be Christ to the ones who need it most.
It’s an opportunity to have a Christ-like response:

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  1. Thanks Beck for sharing. You have such a gift.