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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Truly Seeking Christ. Thursday, July 10. 2014.

When I was little,
there was this ‘cool’ family that I wanted to be friends with.

They had things that I did not have
and they lived a life that I was interested in at the time.

I kind of weaseled my way into their family
by making friends with one of the kids around my age.
It didn’t last for very long though.

I had ulterior motives when befriending that girl.
It wasn’t my true intention to be her friend,
but rather,
to be able to spend time with her family
and hang out at her house.

Truth be told,
we were very different people
and we had a forced friendship,
one that did not last long at all.

I had obtained what I wanted
but the thrill of it all was over.
It was nothing as I expected.
I was disappointed
and embarrassed by the way I acted.

But I still do the same thing today.

‘Ask and you shall receive.’
Okay then,
I want this,
Jesus I will be Your best friend now.

I go to Him in times of need or want,
far more than I go to Him to have a relationship with Him.

And then maybe I get the thing I’m praying for,
I might say a quick thank you
and move on.

But then disappointment sets in.

This search for Christ is limited to what I can get.

Once I have clarity,
or peace,
or someone,
or something,
my ‘search’ for Christ is over.

If my ‘search’ for Christ has a goal of gaining something
and then it ends,
that’s a pretty lousy life.

If all my life amounts to is getting what I want
and that’s it,
I’m in trouble.

That is not a life worth living or pursuing.

There is so much more than my wants and desires.
Life goes beyond that.

Our search for Christ should be driven by who He is,
not by what He has to offer.

As with my previously mentioned friend,
we did not have a real relationship,
we did not truly know each other.
The same is true in our relationship with Christ.

We cannot truly know Him
or have a real relationship with Him
if we are concerned with what He has to offer.

Be focused on who He is.
And who you are in Him.
Let what He has to offer just be an added bonus.

What work I have to do in truly seeking Christ and 
learning who He is!

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