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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Identity. Wednesday, October 5. 2016.

A few months ago I was at a concert.
There was an intermission.
I was sitting on a bench having a snack.
There was a lady with a young toddler on the bench next to me.

The little girl kept coming up to me.
She wanted to share her cracker
and just speak gibberish.

Then she would go back to her mom
and report all that had happened just two feet away.
This was repeated a number of times.

Only later did I realize the lady was the lead singer’s wife
and the little girl his daughter.

According to the world,
she is the daughter of the lead singer of a band.
But she’s too young to have any idea.
She operates on joy.

She teetered as she walked,
went on babbling,
and dropped her crackers everywhere.
Having no idea that thousands of people paid to come see her dad sing.

She doesn’t need to please anyone
or be anyone.
She doesn’t have to act a certain way
or say certain things.
She doesn’t have to become a lead singer
or be just like her dad.

She isn’t tainted by the world telling her who she should or shouldn’t be yet.
And there is beauty in that.

She is not defined by who the world says she is.
She is defined by her identity as a child of God.
No strings attached.
No worldly definitions.
No expectations.

She is just free to be herself.
Herself as a child of God.
What if we didn’t let the world define us?
What if we lived as children of God
instead of as CEOs
and singers
and doctors?

What if our identity came from Christ?
Instead of coming from who the world says we are?

Would be able to walk around carefree?
Knowing that we are His?
And that our worth comes from Him?

There’s a little girl out there who wants you to know
that there is freedom to be found in freeing ourselves from
who the world tells us we are supposed to be.
There’s a little girl out there who wants you to know
that your identity comes from the God who created you and who loves you.
Let’s go be that little girl today.
Let’s lose ourselves by finding ourselves as children of God.

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