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Monday, June 6, 2011

Gifts and Talents. Monday June 6, 2011.

We each have a gift.
A gift given to us from the Father.
That gift is different for each person.
When we use our gifts- we help the Church grow and thrive.

He gave us a gift.
When we use that gift- we are gifts to HIM.
We are gifts to the Church.

I think we often get wrapped up in what others are doing.
Maybe someone has a talent that we wish we had.
We wish we could play an instrument in the choir, or we wish we had the courage to lector, or the ability to sing, or the outgoing personality to be a greeter.
Instead of dwelling on the gifts or talents that we might not have; take a firm grip on the gifts that we are blessed with!

We were created in His image and likeness.
We are His.
He has molded and shaped to be who He has created us to be.
We may not agree with that gifts He has given us or has not given us
but we must trust that He knows exactly what He is doing.

One person may be given the talent of singing, while another has the gift of being incredibly welcoming and helpful, and another person’s gift is simply being present at Mass and praying for those in attendance.
Each person’s gift differs.
Each person is truly blessed to have a gift of their own.
What is your gift?
How can you give glory to God?
How can you help the Church thrive by the power of the Lord?

I was at a Matt Maher concert one year and he was giving a small speaking introduction before playing a song. He was thinking as he was talking and the words that spilled out have stuck with me ever since. He said, “Everyone has talents and gifts and when we use them, God goes mad….with LOVE.”
Going mad with love.
Going crazy with love.
We can make God go crazy with love!
He is so insanely in love with us.
And then when we make proper use of the talents He has given us?!
Goodness, His love for us continues to grow inexpressibly.
His love is never-ending.
How blest are we to make Him go mad?
Mad with LOVE.
Love for us.

God designed us so perfectly.
He created us to know, love, and serve Him.
What better way to serve Him than make use of the gift or talent He has so graciously given each of us?
Through our service to Him we will get to know Him better
And learn to love Him even more deeply.

The Church is many things- it is an ongoing project.
If you take a second to think of a project being completed and completed well,
there must be some sort of order to make the completion successful.
If a group of people was building a house; they would each be required to have a part in the building otherwise the house would not be completed properly.
Each person must put in their all to their individual project to complete the house properly as a group.

We, the community, through the Lord, make up the Church.
Our job is to know, love, and serve Him, live our lives to glorify Him, God-willing obtain heaven and help others to do the same.
If we are to complete this mission given to us by Christ, then we must each do our part.
We must each make use of the talents and gifts He has blessed us with.
Alone we can do nothing.
Each of us, with Him as our guide, working together, can enliven the Church.

Pray to Him.
Ask Him to show you your talent.
Ask Him how to best use your talent.
Ask Him for the grace to draw others in by your talent, through Him.
Tell Him you desire to truly know Him, to wholeheartedly love Him, and to selflessly serve Him.
Ask Him to help you do so.
Tell Him you love Him.
He loves YOU ever so deeply.
Thank Him for the talents and gifts He has blessed you with, regardless of how you feel about them or how you feel about others’ talents.
Ask Him to bless you with a sense of peace.

Your talent is amazing.
It is special.
You are special.
You are loved.
He loves you.
Love Him back.
Use your talent.
Bring others to Him,
through Him.

We were created by You, Lord for some outstanding and seemingly unworthy things. 
Help us to make use of the talents You have given us only to bring glory and fame to Your beautiful and glorious name. Amen.

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