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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Need for Love. Tuesday June 14, 2011.

I feel pretty confident in saying that most every preteen and teenage girl knows every single word to Bruno Mars' song, Just the Way You Are.
There is a reason for this.
The reason is beyond the dreamy fantasy that Bruno will one day marry them, however, the star that they are going to marry ironically changes every couple of days.
The reason that they know every word is because the song strings out the words that every girl wants to hear.
The words that every girl was created to hear.
"When I see your face there's not a thing that I would change, cause you're amazing just the way you are."
This is the never ending cry of the heart of every girl, of every woman.
Girls don't know the lyrics because it is a popular song.
Girls don't know the lyrics because they are in love with Bruno Mars.
Girls don't know the lyrics because their friends listen to the song.
They know every single word because the cry of their heart is to be thought of as amazing but more importantly to be LOVED.
They desired to be loved.
Among many things, we were made to love and be loved.

In our society we are so focused on the self.
What can we do to earn more money or make ourselves look better?
But what would happen if we took the time to focus on someone else and tell them that they were loved?
Oh, how our world would change.
I am not just talking about teenage girls either.
There are so many adults who yearn to be loved.
Their loud boastful personality or their complete shyness and lack of self confidence just screaming out, "Please, somebody love me!"

This very day, what can you do to help sooth someone's cry for love?
Bring them to the cross.
It is there, at the foot of the cross that we can know we are truly loved.
Carry your own heavy heart that is screaming for love to the foot of the cross.  
Love was nailed to the cross.
Love saved the world.
God is Love.
Love is eager to love you.
He is far more fulfilling than a song or drugs or money or power.
There is a God-shaped hole in each of our hearts.
We were all born with this hole and we all try to fill it with things of the world and we all fail.
We fail miserably.
Yet we try time and time again to fill that hole with the world.
We must stop.
We all must stop.

If you have ever tried to teach a baby or toddler how to do a puzzle, it can become somewhat frustrating. We of course know that the round hippo does not fit in the slot for the tall giraffe. To us, it is mind boggling that a child would not understand what shape goes where.

How similar. If our hearts are puzzles and we have only ONE missing piece, it should be so simple to figure out what shaped piece goes there.
It is the God shape that belongs there and yet we so often fail to see that.
How many times is God right there saying, "Here! I am RIGHT here. I am the missing piece!"
And how many times we, in turn reply, "oh hey, not right now God. I'll, uh, pray later."
And in the inside we are losing it and breaking apart and sill wondering why.
He wants to love you.

What is keeping you from letting Him love you?
Get rid of it.
Let Him love you.
Let you heart be whole.
Let the hole in your heart be filled.
There is only one thing, one person that can fill the God-shaped whole, just like a puzzle.
Let God play His part.
Let Him fill His puzzle piece; He will do so with a beaming smile and a generous love.
Let the hole in your heart be whole.
Let Him love you.

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