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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Your Life Is a Love Song. Thursday, August 11. 2011.

Songs touch people.
Music touches people.
Of all songs, there are probably more love songs than any other song.
And why?
Because love seems to be so desired yet often times so misunderstood and hard to obtain.
It is so desired.
It is our reason for creation.
It is misunderstood.
The world's concept of love seems to be so twisted.
It seems to hard to obtain.
For we are looking in the wrong places.
Love songs are written by someone with great feelings of love for another person.
The author of the song continues to write despite the fact that the person that they love is human and in their humanness will never quite complete the other person and may sometimes even fail the other person.
Love songs supply only about 3 minutes of gratitude.
Like so many things of this world, the instant and short gratification ends.
And sorrow or complacency or failure sets back in.
We play the love song again to get rid of that emptiness
and the result is a vicious, never-ending cycle.
Like so many things of this world.

What if there were love songs that never failed anyone?
Love songs that brought about infinite gratitude.
We can still be the authors.
The song will exemplify the love that we were created for.
The song will last through all eternity.
The song will bring so much good to so many people.
It is a the greatest love song of all time.
Your life.
Your life is a love song.
Your life is a long song written to our Lord.
The ups and downs of life are the high and low notes.
Your words are the lyrics.
Your actions are the instruments.
Your love song, your life, has the ability to bring so many people to Christ.
You were made to love.
Your life is a song.
Show how dearly you love our Lord by living your life and singing your love song.
He wrote the greatest love story.
It is now your turn to bring glory to the greatest love story ever written by
living your life in love with Christ.
Your life is a song.
You love Christ.
Your life is a love song.
Sing it well.
Sing it strong.

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