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Friday, July 29, 2011

Conversations with Christ. Friday, July 29. 2011.

Last night I had a conversation.
A conversation with Christ.
I was just kind of moping over all the things that I have had to give up to be a Christian,
over all the things that make me different or that make me stand out,
and over all the things that I wish I could have or do.
Shameful. I know.
So I went even farther and said, "Man, Jesus, the things I do for you.."
He wasted no time in shooting back with, "The things I did for you."
That did not take any time to sink in.
It just dropped like a huge boulder on my heart.

I think that often times as Christians we forget that everything we give up or do differently is for a much greater cause, clearly I do.
Every little discomfort or ounce of suffering that you go through because you are a Christian, it is not in vain. There is purpose for it. There is hope for redemption.
There is hope and redemption and purpose because of all that He did for us.
Our small daily discomforts could never add up to what He did for you.
Being betrayed.
Being scourged.
Being stripped of His garments.
Being harshly nailed to a tree.
And being left to die.
And I have the guts to complain about the small discomforts and still call myself a Christ follower?
I don't think so.
My discomforts are nothing in the long run.
And nothing compared to what Christ suffered for me.
I am weak, clearly.
I am so weak.
I am human
and therefore a sinner.
But that gives me no right to compare my small sacrifices
to the ultimate sacrifice of Christ giving His life that we may live.
That we may live to do what...?
Well for me it's to complain half of the time.
Well when it is put that way.
How disappointing for Christ.
He gives His life so that I might complain.
There is something very wrong with that picture.
I guess the question would then be, how can I live my life to best glorify Him?
I, however, am not here to answer that question. I am clearly not worthy to answer that question.
But I ask you to join me in taking that question to the Lord.
Lord, how may I glorify You today?
Lord, how may I glorify You in this moment?
If You lived to die for me, then it would kill me to not live for You.
Help each moment of my life to reflect your glory.
Each and every moment.
I love You despite my failures.
Despite my lack of ability to live for You.
I love You
and all You did for me.

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