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Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora Shooting. Friday, July 20. 2012

Everything feels heavy this morning.
My phone, my drink, my body.
Seems like a struggle.
Nothing like the struggle the people in Aurora, Colorado are dealing with.
At least a dozen people dead and dozens more injured.
All because they wanted to go see a long awaited movie.
I cannot even imagine the shock.
The pain of loss.
The fear of hoping for life but only thinking about death.
My prayers go out to these people; to this town.

Through this all, the thing that is racing through my mind is HEALING.
Healing from the pain of loss.
Healing from physical pain.
Healing from the lack of trust.
Healing from heavy hearts.

This healing can only come from Christ.
My prayers go out for healing.
He is the Healer.
He can mend all that has been broken, bruised, and torn.

God, please help unite our nation.
Heal our hearts from this heavy load.
Comfort the broken.
This is where the healing begins.

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