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Thursday, May 1, 2014

What I Have Learned from Watching Frozen. Thursday May 1, 2014.

I’ll admit it.
I love Frozen.

The youngest person in my family is 15,
yet we have seen the movie countless times,
we walk around quoting it,
we own the soundtrack which travels from the house to the car,
in fact,
it is in multiple cars right now,
yes, we made duplicates,
and I have yet to tire from it.

I think Jesus is trying to teach me a lesson right now.
I have two new CDs in my car, one of them being Frozen,
and both of them have tracks entitled ‘Let It Go’.

I harbor a strange personality paradox.
I tend to be fairly apathetic about most things.
But the things I care about,
I go full force and often care too much.

While there are some areas in my life where I could learn to care more,
there are definitely some places where I really just need to let it go.

Letting go doesn’t mean apathy though.
Letting go means trust.
Trusting God enough that
He will take our worries and concerns and use them for His glory.

Instead of putting all our
and concerns
and hopes
and dreams into one worldly avenue,
we should just give it up,
let it go,
give it to God.

There is nothing that He can’t handle.
There is nothing that He can’t make right.
There is nothing that you and Him can’t work out together.
There is nothing that He will allow to happen that is not for His greater glory
and for your salvation
so long as we let it go
and give it to Him

and trust that He knows what He is doing.

1 comment:

  1. A.M.D.G.
    There is no purpose in holding on to anything, outside of Our Lord himself. When we hold on to anything it becomes our security...and we need to be secure in Our Lord...in The Good Shepherd...hence, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT..." He truly knows everything we need and what we don't need...so those things that we are holding onto so desperately...we need to let them go and let God take the place of those things. It could be a materialistic item, a grudge we may be holding onto, control of our lives, etc., whatever it is...LET IT GO.

    Of course, we may be holding on to love that we are afraid to share with another...feelings...good, positive feelings...LET IT GO! Love and care for those around you.

    Maybe a wall that prevents LOVE from coming in...LET IT GO and let Love in...let God in.

    Hard to trust what He is doing, but if we can attain to that altitude we will soar so high!

    God bless!