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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Lesson Taught by Some Ducks. Thursday, April 24. 2014.

We had a family of ducks occupying our garage two nights ago.
Yes, again.
Definitely not the first time. 

The babies hatched in our neighborhood
and were roaming the streets for the day.
Between the cats and the raccoon,
the babies wouldn’t have made it
so in the garage they went.

Every step that the momma takes,
the babies follow.
All twelve.
Twelve adorable baby ducks.

She sits on them like a chicken.
Puffs herself up so that they are all warm and cozy.

Getting them to the park the following morning was not nearly as cute.
Lots of quacking,
and baby ducks squeezing through unimaginable places.

We finally got the momma.

By the way,
for future reference,
ducks are strong.
And they bite.
And it hurts.

We held the momma tight
and the twelve babies went in twenty-nine different directions.

Under the car,
under bookshelves,
under the toolbox,
in corners,
behind the surfboard,
between the bikes.
And they just kept cheeping.

They were so lost.

When we remove Christ as the head of our lives,
when we lean on something else as the foundation for our hearts,
it’s chaos.

When He is the foundation firm and secure,
when He is the head guiding our way,
there is peace.

The babies were following the head of their lives around.
The minute that was taken from them,
they could not function.

The babies had no idea what was going on,
they did not know where to go,
they were hopeless.

Not to say that it was a perfectly smooth ride for those ducks,
there were moments of chaos in the garage before we got the mom,
but she will still their foundation,
firm and secure.

Not to say our relationship with Christ will be a breeze.
There might be some chaos,
there will be some bumps and bruises.
Maybe even some pain.
But Christ can guide us through it all.

He gives pain a purpose
and suffering redemption.

Who is the head of your life?

Who is the foundation that you lean upon?

1 comment:

  1. Love it!
    Love the analogy!
    I can totally envision it all...and it is SO true...without Christ as the Headship in our lives, it is chaos, no peace, disorder.

    Many years ago, I was riding my bike to work down Ward towards Ellis...there was a group of baby ducklings in the road just past Slater...no mama duck around...cars were swerving to miss them...I stopped and gathered all of the ducklings into my zipped up hoodie and rode the rest of the way to work with them in there...put them into a box at work and took them home with me...we raised them in the backyard and released them into the wild...it was fun helping these little guys, but they had no mommy.