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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Question is Irrelevant. Wednesday, August 13. 2014.

It seems as though there has been a constant stream of breaking news.
Breaking news is almost never good.
It’s the bad that has people reading articles or watching TV.

The constant shootings,
the suicides,
the homelessness,
the drownings,
the unrest,
and the war.

We are constantly reminded of all this evil in the world.
It’s depressing.

It begs the questions:
Where is the hope?
Where are we to find joy?
What can we do?
What went wrong?

What went wrong was sin.
Adam and Eve were created as sinless beings.
When God created man,
He intended for us to be good,
free from sin,
and in full communion with Him.

We ruined that plan via free will.
We brought sin into the world.
We can blame it all on Adam and Eve
and say we would have done differently,
but we don’t.

We still bring sin into the world.
We still hate.
We still judge.
We still sin.
We still turn away from God.

Eve may have eaten the original apple
but we are still farmers planting those seeds of sin,
whether we want to admit it or not.

we are going to continue messing up.
We are sinners.
But we still have free will.
We can still choose.

This world needs love.
In two forms.

All the hurt and pain and sin in the world
might be put at ease if we let Love in.

And if we could learn to love others,
simply for the love of God.

We have become so good at pushing Love Himself away.
It is very clear that whatever we say,
whatever we do,
whatever we think,
is either for Christ or against Christ.
There is no grey.
There is no in between.
No maybe, kinda, sorta.

We have become very good at
pushing Love away,
subtly and not so subtly.

We have also become good at not loving as we should.
We are more concerned with ourselves than our neighbor.
We spend time caring for ourselves when others around us are literally dying due to pain.

Until we step up to the plate
and bring Love Himself back into our lives
and love like the Christ-like Christians we claim to be
nothing is going to change.  

Love is the answer.
It always has been.
It always will be.

No point in putting the square in the circle hole.
No point in filling our lives with anything other than love when love answer.  

So where is the hope?
Where is the joy?

Our hope lies in Christ.
In Love Himself.

The joy comes from serving Him.
The joy comes from learning to love
and letting ourselves be loved.

Know you are loved.
Know you have the ability to love.
Know that love can change this world.

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