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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Justice & Mercy. Wednesday, September 24. 2014.

Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8


How much of each?
Can they live in harmony?
Even though they are essentially opposites?
Is it a 50/50 type thing?
Do some cover the justice aspect?
And the others the mercy?

I’m good at the justice part.
A bit too good.
The mercy?
Not my strength.

God shows us the perfect harmonious relationship of justice and mercy.

We have a God who is all-just.
He plays fair.
We have been given free will.
When we decide to abuse that gift,
there is a just punishment.

We have a God who is all-merciful.
He feels.
We use our free will to sin.
His heart bleeds with compassion and forgiveness
for our sinful souls.

Most of us probably favor the merciful God.
But the just God is equally as important for our souls.

God will meet us where we are at.
We have a merciful God who so humbly stoops down to us.
It is one of the most refreshing and relieving truths ever.
I think it is also one of the most misused truths ever.

God will meet you down the dumps.
He will meet you amid the sin.
He will come to you in your failings.
He will venture into your mistakes.
The dirtiest,
most grimy,
most shameful parts of your life.

The God of the universe will meet you there.
Wherever ‘there’ might be for you.

There is such relief in that.
But that is only the beginning.

God loves you too much to hang out with you down in the dumps for too long.
That’s where the justice comes in.
Tough love.

Love isn’t staying with you in the dumps.
Love is challenging you to be better.
To leave the dumps behind.
To walk away from the past.
To not allow sin to have control.
To know that there is redemption
even in the most shameful parts. 

Love is not defined as tolerance.
It is defined as doing what is best for another.

God loves you.
He will meet you in the dumps.
God loves you.
He is not going to tolerate you sitting in the dumps.
God loves you.
He is going to so lovingly draw you to His heart; a better place.

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