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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Opposition. Wednesday, September 3. 2014.

“Don’t look so worried. He tried to frighten us. But it’s a very good sign.”
“It is?”
“It tells us that we must be doing something right if he throws that kind of ammunition into the battle. He is desperate.”
-Fr. Elijah

I took a big step in my life recently.
One that followed much prayer and discernment.
I have confidence in the step that I took
and truly believe that the Lord wants me right where I am.

That excites me.
I don’t always feel so certain.
But there is a lasting peace about the step I took.

Along with that peace comes opposition.

Multiple people have disagreed with me
or made rude comments in regards to the decision I made.

Often times,
they aren’t even aware that what they said is hurtful or rude.

This continuous opposition lends itself to feeling defeated.
It seems like every time I turn around someone else has hopped on the opposition bandwagon.

It made me doubt a little.
Sometimes a lot.
It made me question.

Did I really take the right step?
Is it possible I made the wrong decision?
Do people really see me that way?

The most recent negative comment really had me down.
I was reminded of this quote from the book Fr. Elijah.

The ‘he’ the characters are referring to is Satan.
The older priest comforts the younger one
with a reminder that opposition is a good thing.
We must be doing something right.

We are used to praise when we do something right.
Not opposition.
But we must remember this life is a spiritual battle.
The battle between Good and evil
fighting for our souls.

It’s a battle.
Things might not run smoothly.
Not everything will play out the way we wish.
We may be opposed on all sides.
Opposed by people who you think should support you.

But nevertheless,
fight on.

Pray about your decisions and choices.
Pray for guidance.
Pray to see things as they truly are.
Pray for strength against opposition.
Pray that you might not grow weary.
Pray that you might always have the courage to help fight in this battle.

Your soul is worth the fight. 

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  1. thank you for this. I completely agree this life is a spiritual battle. keep on, Rebecca, with the good fight. God bless you.