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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Identity Crisis. Thursday, December 18. 2014.

It seems fair enough to say that John the Baptist probably never had an identity crisis.
When questioned about his identity,
he admitted that he wasn’t the Christ,
he wasn’t Elijah,
nor was he the Prophet.
He said his identity was found in this,
“I am the voice crying out in the desert make straight the way of the Lord.”

How easy would it have been for John to say that he was the Christ?
Or Elijah?
Or the Prophet?
Oh how he would have been revered!

But instead he is simply a sign on the road to Christ.
A middle man.
No one really exciting.

But he knew who he was.
He was given an identity and a mission.
He was to tell others of the coming of the Lord.

It didn’t really matter what others thought of him.
It just mattered that he completed the mission Christ set before him with grace.

What mission has Christ set before you?

There is more merit in completing a seemingly worthless mission
than there is in making your mission frivolous.
There is more merit in honesty
than there is in trying to cover up your mission.

Your true identity is in the Lord.
If we all believed this and lived as we believed,
there wouldn’t be such thing as an identity crisis.
We wouldn’t be worried about how we look to others,
if we are good enough,
if we are doing it right.
We would know that our identity and worth are found in Him
It matters not what others say or think.

John the Baptist knew who he was and what his mission was.
He was created in the image and likeness of God
so that he might tell the world of the coming of Christ.  

You were created in the image and likeness of God
for an incredible purpose.

What might that purpose be?

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