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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

White Flag. Wednesday, December 3. 2014.

As a teacher,
I have quickly learned that victory is important to kids.
Every day I witness victory and defeat.
I see tears and angry marches when victory is not found.
I get to see the cutest victory dances when they are victorious.

They don’t like losing.
They don’t like giving up.
They don’t like defeat.
They want victory.

We are trained to win.
To be victorious.
To be right.
To be strong.

We don’t want to fail.
We don’t want to give up.
We don’t want to surrender.
That white flag means weakness.
It means we couldn’t do it.

We want to succeed at life.
To be victorious.
But sometimes it is a challenge.
Sometimes we feel defeated
and deflated.
We so badly want victory.
We want to succeed on our own.

I propose a counter concept.

Maybe that white flag of surrender means something more.

When life is too much.
When we can’t take it anymore.
When we are barely breathing.
There might actually be victory in surrender.

When we simply cannot do life on our own,
holding up that white flag,
surrendering to the Lord,
giving it all to Him,
that, dear friend,
is victory.

We live in a world that says victory is obtained
by doing everything on your own.
In Christ’s world,
we are victorious when we admit that we can do nothing on our own.

That white flag might mean surrender.
But in Christ’s eyes,
it also means victory.

Victory in Christ is far greater than any victory found in the world.

Choose victory in Christ.
Wave your white flag.
Surrender it all.

Be victorious.

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