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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Vice & Virtue. Wednesday, March 4. 2015. Lent.

Often times,
the thoughts running through my head are laughable offenses.

I have become far too good at tweaking things one way or another
to get the outcome that I want.

I am a mastermind when it comes to comparisons.

It doesn’t take long for my sinful heart to look at another person
and convince myself how much better I am than them.

When I pick apart other peoples’ flaws
my flaws pale in comparison.

And suddenly,
I am flawless
and they are steeping in flaws.

Sad but true.
Honesty at its finest.

I’ve been reminded of something recently.

“It’s the easiest thing in the world to be better than anyone at all, or at least not so bad, so long as you take care in picking out which supposed virtue to advertise and which vice to overlook.”
[Magnificat Lenten Companion]


The person next to me might have some raging vices.
But so do I.
Oh boy so do I.

We choose to see the vices of others as the worst thing in the world.
But our vices?
Minimal, if we even have any.

We overlook the virtues that they do have
because we are too concerned grooming the virtues that we still have left.

I need to realize that
maybe what they lack,
I have been gifted with.
And what I lack,
they have been gifted with.
This Lent,
might we commit to bettering ourselves before we
so ‘generously’ offer to point out others’ vices?

Might we concern ourselves with the planks in our own eyes
before we offer to get the splinter out of our brother’s?

We could all benefit from more virtues and less vices.

Let us pray for such a blessing.

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