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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jonah. Wednesday, February 25. 2015. Lent.

Veggie Tales had a lovely catchy song about Jonah…
‘Jonah was a prophet…oooh…oooh!’

The story of Jonah is one of the more popular stories in the Bible.
The giant fish swallowing him and all…it’s a fascinating story!

Jonah was an unlikely prophet.
He wasn’t really interested in sharing the message
that the Lord asked him to share to the people of Nineveh.

And then after he fiiiiiiinally does do what the Lord asks,
he lets his anger and jealously get the best of him.

Jonah didn’t really fit the bill of prophet.
But God still used him to do some amazing things.

The Ninevites were living their lives in a way that did not please the Lord.
They were living lives of wickedness.
They were not leading lives that glorified the Lord.

When Jonah finally agreed to preach the Lord's message,
he went to Nineveh and proclaimed that,
in 40 days Nineveh would be destroyed if the people did not change their ways.

The king of Nineveh heard of Jonah’s message and humbled himself.
He got down from his throne.
Prayed and fasted.
He repented.
He asked his city to do the same.

The Lord saw them turning from their wicked ways.
He was pleased.
He decided to not destroy Nineveh.

This story makes me wonder,
how are we displeasing to the Lord?

We sin.
We are wicked.
Have we been given a warning?
Have we been given a sign?
Is there someone or something trying to lead us to repentance?
What unlikely modern day prophet is pointing us back to the Lord?

It does seem that history repeats itself.

We have been given the problem to solve.
But we have also been given the answer key.

We know how to solve the problem.
Humble yourselves.
Turn to the Lord.

It would be a shame to get an incorrect answer to this problem.

Let us heed Jonah's warning. 
Let us pray that we as individuals and as a nation turn back to the Lord
and repent of our evil ways.

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