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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Directions for the Journey Home. Sunday July 3, 2011.

"We're just going right around the corner but I have directions for anyone who needs them."
"I do! I am so lost in this grid that we live on." 
I smirked upon hearing this conversation. 
The destination was literally around the corner and someone needed directions? 
But the more I thought about this conversation,I realized that the person who was so lost is the person that we should all be.
No, not going out and buying a new GPS
but being humble enough to admit our failings and weaknesses. 
And allowing ourselves to be guided to our final destination, home, heaven. 
Man does not know when his time will come; whether it be the end of the world or his own personal death.
Our time truly could be around the corner.
Or it could be years from now. 
He knows.
We don't.
It is for this reason that we must strive to be holy, to be Christ to others, and to bring others to Christ. 
This life is a journey. 
A journey that could last a second longer or 70 years longer. 
We were created to know, love, and serve God. 
I am prideful and weak. 
I need to humble myself so that I may best know, love, and serve Him. 
I NEED those directions. 
I do not come equipped with a built in GPS. 
I am lost and need Him to show me the way
Yet I am too prideful to accept those directions. 
Lord, humble me. 

The directions are there for us, to help us on our journey for Him and to Him. 
The Church. 
The Church is part of these directions.
Our priests and religious. 
Pray for our priests.
They are called to lead the Church home. 
Each and every person we come in contact with; they are a part of these directions. 
Each person was placed on your path to help you on this journey; whether it be your best friend or the person in your way on the road. 
He placed them there.
Pray for them.
Your Bible, your rosary, your sacramentals. 
They are there to help you on your journey.
Most importantly, He is there. 
He is here.
He always will be.
In time of despair, helplessness, pain, sorrow, joy, suffering, turn to Him.
He is your rock.
He is your salvation.
He is your answer.
He is your guiding light.
He is your way home.

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