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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spiritual Warfare Book for Teens- COMING SOON!! Sunday, July 24. 2011.

Hello all,
Today's post will be more of a letter than an actual blog post. First, I want to truly thank each person who has ever read this blog. It means so much that anyone would take the time to read this blog. I pray with all my being that this blog brings glory, honor, and fame to the Lord and nothing less.
At this time, I feel called to write a book. The book will be focused on spiritual warfare for teens. The Lord keeps pointing me in that direction and He continues to place some amazing words on the paper. I humbly, yet confidently, ask for your prayers. I am confident that the Lord is leading me in this direction yet, I most definitely need prayers to continue what He has asked of me and to complete what He has asked of me in the manner which He most desires. I would really appreciate all the prayers possible. I thank you so very much for your time and prayers. All glory and honor to the Lord. Praise be to His name.
May His peace be with you,
Rebecca LaBriola

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