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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gas Station Witness. Wednesday, November 12. 2014.

I really dislike gas stations.
I wait as long as I can until I have to fill up my tank
and I make a concerted effort to get gas in the 6am hour
with the hopes that no one else will be there.

Nothing good ever happens at gas stations.
Too many cars.
Too many people.
Too many weird people.
Too many things that could potentially go wrong.
Just not my cup of tea.

This morning I had to get gas.
And heaven forbid it was in the 7am hour.
I was supposed to be there BEFORE 7am.
But no.
I didn’t leave my house until 7am.
Meaning I had 20 minutes to get gas and get to work,
which, by the way,
it takes 20 minutes to get to work on a good day.

So I begin filling up my tank.
Most all of the other pumps are open
and lo and behold a car pulls up to the pump riiiiiiight on the other side of me.
My mission to avoid people failed in the first 30 seconds.
And what’s more is the guy then proceeds to talk to me after he pays.
This is just going horribly wrong.

“Hey, I really like your HE>i (He greater than I) bumper sticker!”
Sometimes I forget that my car is my witness.
Thus a conversation about Christ ensued.
Right there.
At the gas station.
At 7am.

Eric and I talked about our love for Christ
and how greatly He has blessed us.
There was unity.
In Christ we are one.

There was a reason I was late to the gas station this morning.
Christ had someone I needed to meet.
As we wrapped up our conversation,
I got in my car and noticed a third person getting gas,
he was without a doubt listening to our conversation about Christ.
There we were witnessing to the great love of Christ.
At the gas station.

I see this as such a pivotal moment
but in reality,
this witnessing goes on constantly.

If you claim to be a Christian,
have a Rosary hanging from your rearview mirror,
wear a cross,
pray before your meals,
have a Christian bumper sticker,
you are being watched.
You are witnessing.
People notice.
You might forget about your cross necklace
but it does not go unnoticed.

This morning was such an eye-opener for me.
Each moment,
each action,
each breathe
is an opportunity to witness.

The fact that I was so excited about this morning,
tells me that I don’t take up the opportunity to be a witness to Christ very often.

We are either for Christ
or against Him.

Our actions.
Our words.
They all point towards Christ.
Or they point away from Christ.
There is no in between.
No lull.
No grey.

This morning I was blessed enough to be able to point to Christ.
What a gift to be able to do so.
What if we all chose to point to Christ at least once a day?

Pray for the opportunity to witness to your God!
Let’s knock this witness thing out of the park!
Let’s point to our God.
Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire!

(Catherine of Sienna)

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  1. My license plate reminds me of this daily...people see my plate and I have to be wary of how I drive and act...courtesy when driving. Yep, we are always being watched...our actions and our words.
    May we glorify God in all we say all we do and all we think.