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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Talk to Your God. Thursday, November 6. 2014.

“In the same way, the Spirit too comes to the aid of our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought but the Spirit itself intercedes…”
Romans 8:26

For most of us,
our phones are buzzing and beeping all day long.
The number of emails that we send could be breaking records.
We talk with our coworkers throughout the day,
whether we want to or not.
We get home and run through the day with our families.
We talk to the other families at evening church or sport activities.
We plop in front of the TV and gladly yell at the politics or sports.
And say a 30 second prayer before bed,
if that.

Communication is breeze for us.
We might argue it is becoming too technology-oriented.
But we are communicating with each other nonetheless.

Prayer is communication with God.
We do not practice this nearly enough.

In fact, it is pretty sad how well and often we communicate with others
and how poorly and little we communicate with our God.

We often shy away from the things that we feel like we do not know how to do.
How do I even begin to talk to a God so big?
I’ll start tomorrow.
Let me just send this e-mail first.

Romans 8:26
The Spirit comes to our aid.
Prayer is a weakness of ours.
We do not communicate with God as we should.
It would be a ‘Needs Improvement’ on our life report card.
But the thing is,
the more we do it,
the better we become at it.
The more we type,
the faster we become.
The more we exercise,
the healthier we become.
The more we pray,
the more natural it becomes.

We keep away from the things that seem less important.
How is taking time to pray going to help me reach my work goals?
Providing for my family is more important.
God will understand me going into work earlier instead of praying.

Prayer helps us.
Morning prayer sets a tone for our days.
Taking 5 extra minutes
to crack open the Bible,
read a book written by a saint,
to read some morning prayers,
will help you reach your goals.
Once you slip into a routine of morning prayer
and then miss a day,
you will notice.
You will miss your time with the Lord.
The few minutes that once seemed so awkward
are now a necessary part of your day.

Don’t shy away from communicating with your creator.
He wants to check in with your throughout the day more than your boss does.
Talking with Him is more important than your beeping cell phone.
He will give you strength throughout the day to meet your goals,
to be and do the best the you can.

Take the 5 extra minutes.
Start small.
Talk to your God. 

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  1. ^_^
    Time to have a little talk with Our Father in Heaven...Love talking with Him daily, in the morning upon rising, at Mass, short quips of love and praise throughout the day, "Jesus I trust in you!" "Jesus I love you." "Thank you God.", family Rosary at night...yep...just a little talk with Him who loved us first.

    God reward you for sharing!