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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Day Prayer. Thursday, November 27. 2014.

Lord, on this day designated to giving thanks,
please help me to truly be thankful from deep within.

Help me to acknowledge the good,
help me to be thankful.

Help me to recognize the maybe not so good
and help me to be even more thankful.

Teach me that challenges are Your way of changing me
and help me to be thankful.

Show me the areas that I could be doing better
and help me to be thankful for second chances
and the opportunity to try again.

Thank You for all the opportunities to serve others,
remind me to use those opportunities well.

Thank You for this life here on earth
to prepare me for life eternal.

Thank You for those who fought
to keep our freedom.

Thank You for the ability to be thankful.

Help me to remember to use this gift every day. 

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