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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Muddy Soul. Wednesday, February 11. 2015.

Right now at work we are in our soccer unit.
I am fairly certain my whole school thinks they are Brazilian
because, across the board, they are obsessed with soccer.

We have these awesome pop-up goals.
One of those awesome inventions that takes a master mind to figure out how to close it.

Yesterday we had brought out one too many goals so a kid brought me the extra one.
He gave it to me and I grabbed the two handles so that I could close the net.

What the student failed to tell me was that prior to this,
he had dragged the goal through the mud.
So I now had red clay all over my hands.

Instead of closing the net, I set it aside until the mud dried.
I was not interested more mud than necessary on my hands.

Once the mud was dry and my hands were clean,
I closed the net.

As this is going on,
I am praising God that He does not do to us as I did with the net.

We get ourselves into so much trouble.
So much muck.
So much mud.

Sometimes we are able to pull ourselves out.
Sometimes not.
Sometimes it takes a God bigger than ourselves to drag us out of the mud.

But regardless of how we get out of the mud of sin,
the Lord is there ready to clean us off.

He doesn’t wait for us to dry so as to keep His hands clean.
He gets right in the middle of our gross attachment to sin.

He cleans off that mud.
He gets dirty too.
He takes care of that mud.
He offers forgiveness.

We are about to begin the sacred season of Lent.
Many churches are offering Penance services.
Your church is setting up a time for Jesus to clean that mud off of you.
Take advantage of it.

Jesus doesn’t treat you the way that I treated the goal.
He does not want you to remain in sin.
He wants you to be free of the sins chaining you down.

There is nothing that you can confess to the priest,
in persona Christi,
in the person of Christ,
that he has not heard.

There is no sin that you have committed that Jesus cannot forgive you for. 
We just have to seek that forgiveness. 

Go ahead.
Let Him get that mud off your soul. 
He is waiting for you. 

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