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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

God's Not Dead. Wednesday, April 16. Lent 2014.

Last night I saw the movie God’s Not Dead.
It was a fairly well-done movie with some pretty incredible points.
One persistent theme throughout was that of hope.

Hope that he can defend God.
Hope that she can rebuild after losing everything.
Hope that he can find out the truth.
Hope that she can overcome a disease.
Hope that he finds Jesus.
Hope that she finds strength.

Having something to work towards,
having something to hope for,
makes a world of a difference.

It is a way of seeing the present as an arrival point
but still looking to the future.

“Hope becomes daring and risks always embarking on some holy work.”

We hope for little things throughout the day
but there are bigger things to hope for,
more important things.

Like a relationship with Christ,
living a life that reflects His life,
one day obtaining heaven.

And though we have this hope,
the victory is already won.

“The Cross is a proclamation of joy and hope, a sign of permanent victory over evil and death, of an already acquired glory.”

As this Lent comes to a close,
we know what lies ahead,
yet we are still hopeful for an Easter Resurrection.

Hope gives us something to look towards.
It anchors us in this crazy life.

“If faith points out the road, then hope gets us to take it, and love gives us the strength to mount its hurdles.”

This Lenten blog series is based upon St. Louis de Montfort's writings. Unless otherwise noted, all the phrases in quotation marks are taken from the book Jesus Living in Mary.

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