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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Eucharist. Saturday, April 5. Lent 2014.

“This mystery is all about love, or rather it is love itself.”

So often I fail to contemplate
the magnitude of the Eucharist.

I fail to humble myself
in order than I might
even begin to understand the humility of the Eucharist.

“Eternal Wisdom, on the one hand, wished to prove His love for man by dying in his place in order to save him, but on the other hand, He could not bear the thought of leaving him. So He devised a marvelous way of dying and living at the same time, and of abiding with man until the end of time. So, in order fully to satisfy His love, He instituted the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.”

The Eucharist is a symbol of Christ’s love for us.
Not only did He die for us
He wants to continue to be with us,
we are continually reminded through the Eucharist
of His love for us.

A lot of this generation talks about how nothing about
the Catholic Faith is tangible.
The Eucharist is absolutely tangible.
It is then about belief.
Lord, help our unbelief.

Through the Eucharist,
along with love,
we are taught humility.

“He does not conceal Himself under a sparking diamond or some other precious stone, because He does not was to abide with man in an ostentatious manner. But He hides Himself under the appearance of a small piece of bread- man’s ordinary nourishment- so that when received, He might enter the heart of man and there take His delight.

He comes as our Savior
in the form of our daily nourishment,
though He is a King,
the Savior of the World.

Let us desire to go forth in humility and love
just as our Savior has taught us.  

This Lenten blog series is based upon St. Louis de Montfort's writings. Unless otherwise noted, all the phrases in quotation marks are taken from the book Jesus Living in Mary.

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