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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Seeking Completion. Thursday, June 12. 2014.

I often wonder why divorce rates have skyrocketed
and why we don’t know how to have quality relationships.

Myself included in this.  

I think we have the wrong idea of what
relationships (romantic and not) should be.

Unfortunately, in my humanness,
I often see relationships as
‘What can I get out of this?
How can this person help me?
What do they have to offer me?
How can they complete me?’

This is so far from the mindset that I should have.

I also think that this mindset is what has led us
down a path of destructive relationships.   

When we look for completion from others,
we will be disappointed.

We are all broken
and wounded
and incomplete.

Typically if you have two incompletes
it results in a complete.
But that isn’t the case with relationships.

Two incompletes in a relationship just fester.
No matter how one does the math,
there is not a way to make incompleteness complete
via another human being.

We were not created to be fulfilled and completed by other people.
Our identity is in Christ.
His is our fulfillment.
He is our complete.

Human relationships are not made to complete
but rather, to complement.

If we continue to look for our complete in places other than Christ,
we will be disappointed.

If we see relationships as a means to complete our lives,
we will be disappointed.

If we seek our completion and identity in Christ,
we will be fulfilled and completed.
And our relationships will flourish.

If you have two people who have found their completion in Christ,
they will be able to lead each other closer to Christ,
knowing that He is fulfillment.

I truly believe that if we all believed this
and put it into practice
relationships would be radically different.

Relationships would be able to accomplish their original goal,
bringing others closer to Christ.

Challenge yourself to look at your relationships.
Are you seeking completeness?
Or are you leading others closer to their identity in Him?

Challenge yourself to see where your identity is found.
Is it in Christ?
Or are you looking for it elsewhere?


  1. Hi, Rebecca!

    This might be a duplicate. This is my very first response to anyone's blog, and I must say I am so grateful that your Dad shared today's blog with me. It spoke VOLUMES to me and I will continue to reflect on it all day. Receiving it was DIVINELY-TIMED and ORCHESTRATED for ME as well as my pastoral clients.
    I have already forwarded your link to one pastoral client who, I believe, will benefit from the wisdom therein-contained.

    My prayers are with you as you continue to use God's gifts and talents to serve Him and bring others closer to JESUS. Go forth and spread the GOOD NEWS! Your prayers for me on my spiritual journey and the journeys of my pastoral clients are greatly appreciated.

    With Prayerful Love and Deep Appreciation,.
    Father James

  2. This is beautiful, Miss Rebecca...truly.
    Reading through your words just goes to show how complete you are becoming, oh we are all far from perfect...but your words speak volumes my dear. I personally know that my identity is in Him who loved me first, but I am not completely complete...I know this. This is a definite share that I am going to send out now.

    God reward you for being such a willing vessel that He can speak to others through!