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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Author of My Life. Thursday, June 26. 2014.

I like to mentally plan out my life.
Down to every last detail.
Like I’m writing my own story.

Sometimes my hoping,
and dreaming,
and wishing,
and fantasizing,
and planning goes a bit too far.

Sometimes I bank more on my own planning
than the plans that the Lord has in store for me.

When I write my own story
I place trust and hope in myself.

I see it as my duty to do this or that
to accomplish what I want to
so that my life works out the way I have planned.

But in reality,
I should be a servant.
A servant of the most High
obediently carrying out His will for my life.

The thing is,
He is Creator.
He made everything out of nothing.
He is the Master Planner.
He has the blueprints down.
There is no need for me to live my life in accord with my plans.

It is my duty to follow His plan for my life
to the fullest extent possible.

If I should fear anything,
it should be me getting in the way of His plans for my life.

My story is written.
He knows how it plays out.
Why should I think that I have the authority to rewrite it?
Who am I to think that God makes typos?

His goal is to provide us with what is best for each of us.
Why do I think I know better than His best?

He is the God of Wisdom.
Since when do I think I’m smarter than God?
That’s just silly.

This concept comes with a bit of surrender.
A lot actually.

It doesn’t mean I have to give up on planning my life out
but it does mean that I should be more in tune to Christ’s plans for my life.

Maybe I should be humble enough to take into consideration
the perfect plans of an ever-loving and all-knowing God.

Though it is a daily struggle and sacrifice to give up my own plans,
the pain that results from me following my ‘wisdom’
is not even comparable to the joy the comes from following the wisdom of the Father.

Who’s ready for the joy that’s coming?

1 comment:

  1. Praise God for the Grace to acknowledge at early on. So many of us struggle and some of us never fully understand even in old age, that it's His plan and not ours.

    "If I should fear anything, it should be me getting in the way of His plans for my life" - Thanks Rebecca, I needed a reminder :)