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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dear Beloved,. Wednesday, October 8. 2014.

Dear Beloved,

I know that you suffer.
That you experience pain.
That you have had a friend fail you.
That you have felt disappointment.
That you have cried yourself to sleep.

That you have asked why.

That you have questioned this life,
is it really worth living?

That you have questioned God,
how could He allow this?

That you hope for better.
That you wish for another scenario.

That you have felt your heart being ripped out.
And thrown on the floor.
And you’ve experienced the pain of it being stomped on.

You’ve known fear
and anger
and worry
and doubt.

You’ve been emotionally bruised,

You’ve suffered.

We have a God of mercy.
A God with a tender heart.
One that bleeds for His children.

One that would not allow suffering,
unless it be for the good of our souls.

There is redemptive suffering in His name.
Your suffering is not without meaning.
It is for a greater purpose.
A purpose that you might gain knowledge of tomorrow.
Or one that you might never know.

You are not suffering alone.
That is a lie.

You are suffering alongside Christ.
The One who suffered so deeply for your sins.

There is power in His name.
There is redemption in His name.
There can be glory found
even in the most heart-wrenching of places.
In your deepest suffering,
glory can be found there.
Redemptive suffering, beloved.
There is redemption.

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  1. (deep sigh)
    Thank you, Lord, for these beautiful words penned by the hands of your servant.