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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Serviam! Wednesday, October 15. 2014.

It is my prayer that at some point each day
I make the choice to serve Him.
Hopefully multiple times a day.
But I know that I do not always reach my goal.

The other day I came across this idea online.

Wake up,
plant your feet on the ground,
and with conviction say
Latin for “I will serve!”

It is really such a simple gesture
but one that will begin your day by committing to serve Him.

Each day we are given this choice.
Who will we serve?

Before Satan fell,
he was an angel,

God put all the angels to the test.
They were given a choice;
to serve or not to serve.

Lucifer made his choice.
I will not serve.

St. Michael the Archangel made his choice too.
I will serve.

Satan’s “non-serviam” led to life eternal in the fiery pits of hell.
He spends his days trying to get others to also state with conviction “non-serviam!”
All he has to do is get us to use our free will to deny Christ.

St. Michael the Archangel’s “serviam” led to life eternal in the glory of Heaven.
He spends his days protecting the people of God
and trying to get others to cry out “serviam!”
All he has to do is get us to use our free will to choose Christ.

It has only been a couple of days now that I have woken up and verbally exclaimed, “serviam!”
And I notice a difference.

My days have been harder.
The battles have been rougher.
The trials come more often.
But to counter that.

The graces have come in abundance.
The opportunities to serve keep flowing.
Protection from the Holy Angels is present.
As well as the courage to continue to say,

Please join me in this journey.
Let’s do it together.
Let us serve.

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