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Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Love Lie. Thursday, October 30. 2014.

Love drives us.

From the time we are young
to our adulthood
we live and act in hopes of obtaining love.

As children we (hopefully)
are obedient.
We desire to please. 
To do what is right.
To follow the rules.
For surely,
parents love obedient children.
We are good because we want to be loved.

When we become adults
and have families of our own,
we work in order to provide for our families.
Most of us would rather spend our time in other ways.
But we go to work.
Every single day.
To make money.
To put food on the table.
And a roof over our heads.
To provide.
Because we want the love and approval from our families.

We are constantly doing in order to be loved.
It’s tiring.
It’s never enough.
There’s always more to be done.

It is a daunting task to work in order to be loved.
It is also a lie.

The truth is a breath of fresh air.
It is pure freedom to know that we are already dearly loved.

We don’t have to earn God’s love.
God is love.
He loves us.

When we remove ourselves from the lie that
we must earn love
and relish in the truth that
we are loved,
things change.
Freedom is found.

We now do things because we are loved.
Because we are a dearly beloved child of God.

Let the truth sink in.
You are a child of God.
You were created in His image and likeness.
He is love.
He loves you.
He loves you freely.
His love for you is not earned.
It is a gift.
Freely given.
Child of God.

When we apply this truth to our lives,
our motives do a 180.

We no longer do things to obtain love.
But rather,
we do things because we are loved,
because we are children of God.

We go to work each day in order to serve others,
in order to serve our families,
in order to be a blessing to others.
It is no longer a question of ‘What can I gain?’
but rather,
‘What can I give?’

Let us kick out this lie.
Bring in the truth.
And see how our day changes,
see how our lives are better,
see how we can bless others,

and know what it is like to live as Children of the God of Love.  


  1. Wonderful!
    Absolutely wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are blessed to understand Eternity Rebecca, keep up the translation of life. Looking forward to future writings ---Roger Brunelle