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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And the battle continues... Tuesday March 15. Lent 2011.

Well, this is definitely not the blog I was planning on posting today.
I was working on a scripture reflection and I went to the Internet to find some information.
I clicked on the first site and in an instant my computer went crazy.I had a couple websites up and they were gone. I just reopened the websites.
Once I reopened the websites I realized that the blog I had planned on posting was gone. Completely gone.
Some sort of computer protection site kept flashing at me (and is still doing so).
The program wanted to run a computer safety check which I was more than willing to do considering there was clearly some sort of virus on my computer.
Well, pretty much every virus that came up had to do with pornography.
Talk about Spiritual Warfare.
The devil is as work.
He is real.
And here is your, small but yet very real example.
I was blessed enough to realize the whole situation was Spiritual Warfare from the beginning but regardless my humanness got in the way and I was SO frustrated. It made me so mad. Losing the blog was not as much of a big deal to me but it is more that I have all this crap on my computer and even with my computer skills I can do nothing to get rid of it. The only thing I can do on my computer is use the Internet.
I can do nothing to rid my computer of the evil that is infesting it.
This is very much like the devil.
He is pure evil.
And he is powerful.
Not as powerful as God, no, of course not.
But powerful still.
He infests our lives and we alone, can do nothing.
We must turn to the higher authority when we are fighting in the battle of spiritual warfare.
We should learn to look at spiritual warfare as a blessing.
If the devil is a work, there is a reason.
And that reason would be anger.
And he would be angry because God is moving.
And God IS moving.
He is moving through His people.
Some amazing things are happening.
Some GOD things are happening.
Praise. God.
I pray that next time we are faced with the work of the devil, next time we are needed to fight in this battle, we can say, "praise God".
The battle is real.
The battle is strong.
But our God is stronger, waaaay stronger.
Do not be afraid.
The Lord will help you fight this battle.
I feel as though this would be a good time to quote my dad, and encourage you with the words,
Onward Catholic Soldier.

Press forward.
This battle WILL be won.
Good will prevail over evil.

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