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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grant Us The Grace... Tuesday March 29. Lent 2011.

Yesterday I found out that someone I grew up with has cancer.
I have not spoken to her in years but it still just seems so unreal.
She has had cancer for 4 years and currently is not doing well at all.
Not doing well physically that is.
She is far surpassing me.
She has accepted her cancer.
She is not angry with the Lord but fully believes that He will not give her more than she can handle.
If only I could have the amount of faith and trust in the Lord that she does.
She is terminally ill and is still fully trusting in the Lord.
She accepts her cancer as the cross that the Lord has given her.
She gives thanks each day she wakes up and asks others to do the same since Christ never promised us that new day.
I can only pray that one day I may have her trust and faith and confidence in the Lord.

This would be a situation where many people would ask, why?
Why such a beautiful young life?
Why does ANYONE have to go through this?
I don’t know.
I could take some guesses.
But I don’t have the answer.
Maybe I never will.
If nothing else, this beautiful girl is being a witness.
A beautiful, outstanding, strong witness for Christ.
She is impacting so many lives.
It is just unreal.
All of it.

I ask you to please pray for this beautiful soldier for Christ.
Please pray for her family and friends.
Please pray that she continues to touch lives.
Please pray that she continues to be the outstanding witness that she is.

Let us remember this girl’s faith and trust in the Lord as we pick up our own crosses that the Lord has given us.

Lord please grant us undying faith and trust in You.
Lord grant us the grace to carry our crosses with joy.
Nothing is beyond Him.   

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