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Monday, March 14, 2011

Decisions. Monday March 14. Lent 2011

This was the topic of discussion last night during youth group.   
We make hundreds of decisions every day.
We make the decision to get out of bed, what to eat for breakfast, what roads to take to get to work or school, what to have for lunch, what to do with our afternoon and so the decision making continues.
Most small decisions don’t seem like they mean much but each of those small decisions make us who we are and lead us to making larger decisions. 
Most of us will only be required to make 10 or 15 major decisions in our life.
These decisions would be things like buying a car, choosing which college to attend, accepting a job, getting married, and buying a house.
But who do we make those decisions for?
How do we make those decisions?
Most people make decisions upon weighing the pros and cons and making the decision that is best for them.
Last night at youth group, we were trying to discuss and make the point of incorporating God into our life decisions.
God has a plan for each of our lives.
We are blessed that He cares about us.
We should always pray and ask for clarity when making a decision.
Chapter 4 of Philippians says that we should worry about nothing and pray about EVERYTHING!
Now, does that mean that we are supposed to pray about what we eat for breakfast or what outfit we wear that day? No, I don’t think so.
But I think it does mean praying before we start our days to ask the Lord to help us make the decisions He would want us to make.
We were created to know, love, and serve God.
If we are not consulting God throughout the day about how to live our lives, then how are we serving Him?
If we choose to not live our lives in accordance with His will then we are not serving Him.
If we live our lives the way we want, then we are not doing what we were CREATED to do.
Consulting God before making a decision is always hard.
We have our own ideas and we don’t want pray about our decisions for a number of reasons. It may be a pride thing; it may also be that we know that God would want us to make a different decision than what we planned.
God is the master planner.
He knows what is best for us.
He knows that it is hard to follow His will.
Even though it may be hard to make a decision according to God’s plan, it is the better route to take.
God is so overjoyed when we turn to Him and pray to Him about making decisions.
To serve the Lord and make Him joyful should be a goal of ours. 
Each decision we make reflects upon who we are.
Let us try and pray before we make a decision next time.
Let us make sure that our choices glorify the Lord.
Let us give up the role of planner and decision maker and hand it over to the Lord.
He will guide you; He just needs you to let Him.
Open your heart.
Pray for the Lord to guide your life and decisions.
Surrender your life.
The reward will be so beautiful.
He will guide you.
This is a promise that He made.
The Lord keeps His promises.
Lay down the decisions in your life.
Lay down your life.

Everything I am, everything I love to be
I lay it down at your feet
Everything I am, everything I love to be
I lay it down at your feet

I lay it down, I lay it down
I lay it down at your feet
I lay it down, I lay it down
I lay it down at your feet

Lay It Down
Matt Maher

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