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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

With Faith Like A Child. Wednesday March 30. Lent 2011.

On Fridays I watch a group of kids with my sisters while the moms get some alone time to study the Bible. The house that we watch the kids in has many toys with one of those toys being a talking Jesus. He is about the size of a Barbie, maybe a little bit bigger. And he looks exactly like little children picture Jesus. Longer brown hair, brown eyes, a smiling face, dressed in a white robe, and he has a very pleasant voice. One of the little girls was digging through the toy box and joyfully pulled out the Jesus doll and exclaimed, “I found Jesus!!” She went on to tell me that it’s a talking Jesus.  She pressed that button that makes Jesus talk and her face just lit up. In her sweet little 5 year old voice she said, “Jesus loves me!”

I truly believe Christ was speaking to this beautiful little girl.
And here is why, I have listened to the Jesus doll speak over and over again and not once does he say “I love you”. Of course he loves us but this doll only quotes important scripture verses.
Somewhere in her little being she took those scripture verses to mean that Jesus loves her.
What a brilliant 5 year old.
How beautiful.
Christ was working through her.
No doubt.

The other thing that was just amazing was despite all the noise and racket the other 8 kids were making, she was still able to hear Jesus.
She blocked out all the other noise because it was important for her to hear what this Jesus doll had to say.
She disregarded all the other noise to listen to her Jesus.
If a 5 year old is fully capable of that and KNOWS that she needs to block out the things of the world to hear Jesus, I think that we can all do a better job of blocking out the world and listening to what Christ has to say every so often.
Take a moment to read scripture and hear what Christ is saying to you through the scriptures.
Will He tell you that He loves you? Because He does. So dearly.
Will He tell you that you are His beloved? Because you are.
I really think that if we each just blocked out that world for 5 minutes a day and let Jesus in our hearts we would hear His soothing voice telling us that he loves us.
I feel like if more people truly felt that they were loved by love Himself, the world would be a different place.
If we all had the unwavering faith of this child.
To know that without a doubt.
To firmly believe.
With undying faith.
To say with conviction,
“Jesus loves ME!”
How beautiful.
Faith like a child.

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