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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Heroic Catholic Families. Thursday March 17. Lent 2011.

“For the times that are coming, ordinary Catholic families will not survive, only heroic Catholic families will survive.”
Servant of God Fr. John Hardon

Fr. Hardon gives us an insanely high standard to live up to.
The times he was referring to are the times in which the family is slowly being destroyed.
The times are the times where there is no respect for marriage,
when divorce is just another daily activity,
when there is no respect for the dignity of human life,
when there is no respect for parents,
when there is no respect towards men’s roles as the heads of the household.

Sadly, these times are no longer in the future as they were for Fr. Hardon.
Fr. John Hardon wrote these archives in 1998.
He was speaking about the future year, 2000.
This year is now well in the past.
Eleven whole years in the past.
The times that Fr. Hardon was referring to are now in the past.
Fr. Hardon spoke of the insanely corrupt view of the family; in 2000.
It is now 2011. How much MORE corrupt is our country’s view of the family?
How much MORE heroic do our families need to be?
The corrupted view of the family is too painful and hurtful to dwell on.
Fr. Hardon does not dwell on this corruption as much as he gives us guidelines and helps us on our path of restoring the beauty of the family.

Fr. Hardon says that the correct configuration of the family can only be restored if we, as Catholics, live up to the teachings of Christ and His Church.
We have a HUGE responsibility.
He says this is not a job for ordinary Catholic families.
Only HEROIC Catholic families.
The devil is strong and Fr. Hardon says ordinary Catholic families cannot stand up against him, they will disappear.
No ordinary Catholic family can stand against the devil’s sly and sneak tactics of using the media to diminish the morality of society.
Fr. Hardon says that only the families who are willing to be martyrs for the love of Christ and their beliefs in Christ will remain alive and thriving.
We, as heroic Catholic families, need to teach our country to respect the beauty and sanctity of marriage through a Christ-like example.
On our own, we can do nothing.
If we are to show the world the beauty of the family, then we must pray for the strength to be the examples that we are called to be.
Mary, as the mother of the perfect family, is a wonderful source of strength and courage.
I pray that we all may become closer to the heroic Catholic families that we are called to be.
Father, please lead us in our journey to become heroic Catholic families, for your glory, so that the world may see us and give glory to you. 

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