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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Christ Ride. Tuesday April 19. Lent 2011.

“There are days my head is spinning
Wishing I could hit the switch and end this ride
If it came to a stop and someone let me off I know
I would just get right back in line”

This is one of the verses to Mercy Me’s song, Back To You.
I have been thinking about these lyrics all day long.
I was thinking about this ride that they are talking about.
I personally picture it as a roller coaster.
With the ups and downs and thrills and scares.
The abrupt stop and the jerk forward and the loops in the air.
A roller coast is a great example of the Christian life we live.
There are ups and down.
There is joy and pain.
There is happiness and there is suffering.
Roller coaster makes sense.
I like the analogy.

So, if we are on this ride;
Who is controlling our ride?
I think there are two choices of operators-
Christ Himself and something or someone of the world.

I think if something or someone worldly is controlling our ride, then when we mess up or are tired of the ups and downs, the worldly thing would either let us off the ride or ask us to get off. I feel like there would be no tolerance for mistakes.
Such as in our life.
If we are allowing something or someone of the world to control our lives, it will not go smoothly.
If we fail, the worldly thing will disapprove.
We will fail the worldly thing and it will become angry.
The relationship of the worldly thing being superior and controlling our lives will never work out. We will eventually be kicked off of the coaster. And then we must go wait in line for the next worldly thing to grant us acceptance into the same old trap once again.

However, if Christ Himself is operating your coast, then the story is a different one.

Christ is all forgiving.
We can scream and become tired of the ups and downs and we may be rude to the person next to us on the ride and we may feel at times like we are just done and want to hit the off switch but Christ will never let us off of His ride.
We may consciously CHOOSE to get off the ride but He will never ever let us off.
He loves us too much.
It would not be of His nature to let someone off His ride of a Christian life.
How much better does the Christ ride sound already?
No being kick off?
Complete love and forgiveness?!
It already sounds so much better.

And if we choose to get off?
Well then that would be our loss and a bad choice.
To turn away from Christ as our operator would be a faulty decision
But we do it
Every time we sin, we are deliberately turning our backs on God and telling Him we don’t need Him.
When we realize we have sinned and hopefully humbly go back to Christ, what does He do?
He certainly does not tell us to get in line.
He receives us with open arms and gives us the best view on the ride.
He fastens the belt with His own hands of safety and protection.
And He says,
“I love you. Yes, you.
I always have and always will, no matter what you do.
My love for you is unconditional.
My arms are wide open waiting for you to come running.
I am so glad you have turned back to Me My child.
I am so very glad you are back”.

What ride are you on?
Get on the Christ ride.

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