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Monday, April 4, 2011

Come, O Healer. Monday April 4. Lent 2011.

The beautiful painting that I posted yesterday was creatively painted by Ben Lee.
He painted it on Saturday night at the 242 Revolution conference.
As a side note- 242 Revolution is a new and outstanding ministry.
Please, please pray for the ministry and if you feel called to- check it out!

On Saturday afternoon, Ben got in front of a room of about 90 people with a blank canvas.
He asked everyone to do something pretty personal and pretty profound.
He suggested that we all write on this canvas.
He wanted us to write about what was blocking us from a closer relationship with Christ.
That might be a word, a sentence, or a paragraph.
The one thing that is holding us back from entering that deeper relationship with Christ.
Whether that be fear, or distractions, or pride, or anger, or lies, or rage, or money, or power…
The list is endless.
The canvas was covered.
Each and every person is hindered by something of this world.
That something is taking away from a close bond with the Divine.
We all need healing from our earthly attachments and hindrances.

Ben took the white canvas covered in words and prayers and pain and painted on it.
He painted a hand.
The hand of Christ.
He thrust a wooden beam right through the heart of the hand
And smeared powerful red paint all over the hand’s wound.

How ironic.
There is always something in our lives preventing us from gaining a deeper relationship with Christ.
The thing itself may change throughout our lives but there is always something.
We need to be healed from this.
Christ is that healing.
Christ is the healer.  
He is the one that helps us overcome the object that are preventing us from being closer to Him.
Definitely ironic.
But how beautiful.
Christ is beauty.
Christ is healer.

Turn to Him and let Him heal you of whatever worldly object is preventing you from becoming closer to Him.

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