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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday. Sunday April 17. Lent 2011.

Today begins Holy Week.
The best week of the year in my opinion.
Today is Palm Sunday.
The day that we stand for what seems like hours on end for the Gospel reading (which, by the way, is only about 20 minutes, yes, I did time it.)
The day we don’t listen to the homily because we are making crosses with our palms
and the day we tickle the random person in front of us with our palm
and the day we continuously poke our family members with our palm.
Ah, yes Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday is the first day of the most contradictory week of the year.
This is the week where Christ suffered more than any of us could ever imagine and died a painful and gruesome death so that we all may live. Oh glorious day.
This is the week where we enter into a deeper understanding and connection with Christ and His passion and death.

Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and the people greeted Him with their palms and praises exclaiming, “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, the King of Israel”.

The Jews wanted Jesus to be their king.
They shouted out praises and laid down their palms in front of Jesus.
The palms were a symbol of victory.
The victory of good over evil.
Christ is, was, and will always be that victory.
He is the victory over sin and death.

The Jews did not know exactly what was coming.
They didn’t know that the man that they wanted to be their king would change the world.
But they did know there was something special about Jesus the Christ.
They laid down the palms in humble victory at the feet of the donkey carrying the Christ.

This week is a beautiful time to take OURSELVES and lay ourselves down before Christ.
This is the week that Christ lived for.
He lived to die.
His life all comes down to this week.
The week of His death.
His suffering and death.
He deserves nothing less than ALL of our hearts this week.
He deserves for us to lay ourselves at His feet in humble self-giving.
He deserves our empathy this week.
Empathy is one of the most challenging emotions to express
But there is no one who deserves our empathy more.
This week I pray that you find it in your heart to walk with Jesus.
Follow Him in each step that He takes this week.

I hope and pray that this is the most fruitful and amazing holy week that we have experienced. 
I pray that we become closer to Christ 
And that we may truly learn how much Christ loves us
And that He makes us new people, in Him.
God bless you and your Holy Week.
Make it a truly holy week.
Let Christ show you the way of His passion.
Let Him show you, by His death, how much He loves you.
Let Him break you down so that you may be built up for Him.

All I am I want to lay down at your feet
All I am I want to lay down at your feet
All I am I want to lay down at your feet, yeah
I want to
I want to

I give You all of me for all You are
Here I am
Take me apart
Take me apart
Well I give You all of me for all You are
Here I am
Take me apart
Take me apart, yeah now

Tenth Avenue North-
You Are

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