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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Texting, Driving, and....Jesus? Wednesday April 6th. Lent 2011.

So, within the last few days I have heard a number of different people talk about how the cops have just been out everywhere enforcing the no texting and driving and no talking on the phone without a hands free device and driving.
I was driving to school this morning and the DJ on the FISH was talking about how the cops have just been swarming Southern California ready to distribute tickets.
As I was listening to the DJ talk about the cops, I made a right turn and there was a cop sitting on the sidewalk ready to launch.
I think it’s great.
I think it needs to be enforced.
But what does this have to do with Christianity?
Bedsides the fact that we should obey law?
I think it coincides with the 5th commandment and the sanctity of life.

For as much as people text message, texting and driving shouldn’t be that different but it is.  Aside from the fact that it occupies at least one of your hands, it distracts your train of thought and your focus. Obviously many studies have been conducted and the statistics are outrageous. But yet, it is still so easy to just send one quick message.  Often times it goes beyond just a simple message.  A lady on the radio today said that she checks Facebook while driving and has to log in to do so!  This is all too common and dangerous.

The 5th commandment is thou shall not kill.
For most of us we are not going out and physically kill another but that does not mean we should just disregard the commandment. 
This commandment goes in to much more depth.
The 5th commandment forbids even reckless driving. It forbids reckless driving because reckless driving has the possibility of ended in death.
I think texting and driving could be categorized under reckless driving.  
Deuteronomy 30:19 says “choose life”.
By texting and driving we are not necessarily choosing to kill someone or choosing to disrespect life but we are indirectly not choosing life.
The only other option besides life however, is death.
We are indirectly choosing the possibility of death with every key we touch while driving.
We are called to be a people of life.
I think putting down that phone while driving is a simple but effective way to promote a culture of life in our culture of death.
There is no word that you are texting that is of greater importance than your life or the life of another.

There have been so many people who have lost their lives due to texting and driving.
There are so many families suffering over the loss of a loved one that could have been so easily prevented.
Please join me, and hopefully many others, in putting down our phones while driving and in praying for the souls of those who have died as a result of texting and in praying for the families of those souls.

Lord, please help us to obtain greater knowledge of the true sanctity of life and help us to promote a culture of life through each of our actions.

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