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Friday, April 8, 2011

Help Us To Be Hardcore Loving Christians. Friday April 8. Lent 2011.

“Living, He loved me
Dying, He saved me”
This is the first part of the chorus of Casting Crowns’ new song called Glorious Day.
I heard this song for the first time today.
It really is a pretty awesome song.
And while I don’t disagree with the above lyrics, I don’t quite fully agree with them either.
I just think that there is more to it.
When Jesus died, He saved us.
No doubt.
His earthly death destroyed eternal death for us.
But His death was the ultimate self sacrifice.
When one self sacrifices to the extent that Christ did; isn’t that the ultimate show of love?
So, did He show us love more by living or by dying for us?
Or did He show us His greatest love by choosing to come to earth in the first place KNOWING He was going to die?
Or did they all clearly show His love on the same level.
The quick answer seems to be the word infinite.
God is infinite.
He is the alpha and the omega.
The beginning and the end.
He always was and always will be.
If He is infinite then He is purely infinite.
There can be nothing finite about Him.
Thus, His love must be infinite.
Christ deciding to be obedient in coming to earth
And living the ultimate Christian life
And dying a tortuous death-
All these actions and missions were completed with
an infinite,
and unending

We are finite beings.
We have limits and bound.
We cannot love the way Christ loves infinitely.
But we can try.
What if we aimed to love to the best of our ability in every situation of our lives?
Sure, it’s easy to love friends and generally family as well.
But what about the place where we don’t want to love.
Or the people we don’t really care for.
The one person who just drives you insane.
Or the trouble maker who is always the center of attention.
Or maybe it is the family member that you don’t get along with.
What would happen if Christ’s love was conditional?
If He played a game of picking and choosing and decided who He wanted to save.
And the left some people out?
We might possibly be doomed.
But even if we were the chosen one we would feel short changed.
We would feel like, this great God who is supposed to be a loving being is picking and choosing people that He wants to save?
So how does that co-worker feel when we are unkind to them and exceptionally nice to the co-worker in the cubicle next to us?
How does that family member feel when we exclude them from gatherings?
And we claim to be Christians.
If Christ claimed to be of love; it would seem wrong of Him to act in any manner other than love.
So why is it acceptable for us to claim to be Christians but when that one person walks into the room we turn into a cold hearted person?
We cannot love God and then act like a jerk to the person we don’t like.
It would be hypocritical.
We are Christians.
We are Christ followers.
Christ loved unconditionally.
We must follow His lead.
We must love to the best of our ability.
And love everyone.
Christ did not love in a fluffy manner though.
He loved in a hardcore manner.
He loved so much He gave His life.
He loved the temple so much He would not allow for social activities in a sacred place.
He loved so deeply and genuinely that the little children were not afraid and they came to Him.
Let us be hardcore loving Christians.
His love changed the world.
Why can’t our love, through Him, do the same?

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