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Friday, April 1, 2011

Be A Fool. Friday April 1. Lent 2011.

Well, today is April 1st which, we all know means April Fool's Day.
For many people this day means playing small pranks or jokes on people, or big ones!

A couple of years ago when I got home from the gym, my youngest sister said she had put a drink in the fridge for me. I thought that was fairly odd but I gladly accepted that cold drink. Well, it was not green Gatorade but rather water with green dye. She pulled a little bit of St. Patrick's day in there as well. It was a fun little prank. Playing pranks is a fun way to enjoy the day and of course making the other person look like a fool. But I wonder if we could give April Fool's a different meaning.

I wonder if we could use 1 Corinthians 4:10- "For we are fools on Christ's account."
To be a fool for Christ.
I think that this means standing up for what you know is right, not going with the flow, not giving in to what others are saying, begging to differ, not conforming to the views of the world.
All for Christ.
It won't always be easy.
In fact, often times it will be hard.
It is hard to stand up for what you believe in regardless of what it is.
If you stand up for your faith(all in love, of course):
People will disagree with you.
People will make fun of you.
People will think you are a fool.
But isn't that the goal?
Be a fool for Christ.
This day and always.
Be bold.
Stand up for the gospel.
Stand up for your faith.
Be a fool.

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