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Friday, March 28, 2014

Detaching the Heartstrings. Friday, March 28. Lent 2014.

Whenever I go through my stuff to clear it out
and give some of it away,
I always end up with these nice clean spaces.
That emptiness is savored for maybe a week.
Then more stuff somehow finds its way there.

When clearing out our heart
or our home,
we need to ensure that it stays clean
to the best of our ability.

When cleaning out the junk in our hearts,
there is more room for Jesus
but only if we fill the emptiness with Him.
He will not force His way into our hearts.

If we have this extra room
and we fill it with worldly things,
then we are right back where we started.
A heart filled with the world.

A heart filled with Christ is
one that knows true happiness,
one that will serve,
one that will love,
one that understand suffering,
one that do the will of the Father.

Spring cleaning is a great way in which to
detach ourselves from material things of the world,
especially ones that we do not need
or ones that are keeping us from Christ.

Cleaning of our hearts is better.
Having too much stuff is visible to the world.
A worldly heart is visible to God.
He knows.

And He is ready to help fill the voids
once we are brave enough to detach
the heartstrings that are attached to the world.  

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