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Monday, March 31, 2014

Let's Change the Word. Monday, March 31. Lent 2014.

We all have a desire to be wanted.
We want to be loved.
We know the feeling.

I am guilty of having days
where I basically just mope around
convincing myself that no one loves me.

A lot of damage occurs when we think this way.
In fact,
most, if not all, of the brokenness in the world is a result
of a perceived lack of love.

When we know we are loved,
it results in happiness,
the drive to succeed,
the desire to help others,
the want to become a better person,
and the eagerness to, in turn,
love someone else.  

When we don’t feel loved,
from it stems pain,
and we can’t even think about showing love.

What’s crazy is we know this,
we see this,
and yet,
we don’t love those around us
because we don’t feel loved ourselves.

It’s a vicious cycle.

If we all knew
and believed that we are loved
and then acted upon that,
the world would truly be a different place.

Here is our reminder that we truly are loved:

“The Heart of Christ loves us without ceasing to love for even a moment.
The Heart of Christ loves us infinitely.”

He loves you.
He doesn’t ever stop.
Not even for a moment.

His love for us is infinite.
On and on.

We now know this.
But that doesn’t mean much.

What would happen if we believed it?
What would happen if we acted upon it?

Our perceived lack of love would be gone.
Others would know the love of Christ.
We would be partaking in purpose of our existence;
to know,
to love,
and to serve God.

What about trying this out?
I’d like everyone to know the love of Christ.
I’d like to change the world.

This Lenten blog series is based upon St. Louis de Montfort's writings. Unless otherwise noted, all the phrases in quotation marks are taken from the book Jesus Living in Mary.

1 comment:

  1. A.M.D.G.

    "a perceived lack of love"

    Now that is new. I never thought of it that way before...but it is TRUE...it is SO true. Wow. We must come to the place of KNOWING, knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that we are truly loved by the Lover of all mankind. Our human finiteness has a hard time comprehending this because of all the "stuff" we go through and we perceive in our humanity that we are not loved...even by the Father.

    May Our Lady pour out abundantly the graces we need to perceive and receive the Love of Our Father in Heaven, that we may know, love, and serve Him as our First Love all the rest of our days here on earth. +Amen.

    Mrs. O.