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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Perfect Model of Consecration. Monday, March 23. Lent 2014.

These past couple of days these blog posts have talked about consecration.
Being made holy.
Us being made holy.
Christ, the holy one.
But Mary,
Mary has really special and unique roles in this idea of consecration,
of being made holy.

Mary is consecrated.
She is holy.
She truly is the model of consecration.

Her life is lived in faithfulness to the covenant of God.
Her fiat,
Her ‘yes’ and
Her constant surrender to God
show her complete obedience to God.

She has a unique role in the idea of consecrated,
of holy.
She herself carried Holy in her womb.
She herself was a holy place,
a sacred place,
holding the Consecrated One.

“She becomes herself a uniquely ‘holy place’, a new Arc of the Covenant bearing the Consecration of the universe, Jesus Christ. She is the first of the consecrated in the Consecrated, sharing as none other in the redemptive Consecration wrought by Her Son.”

Montfort believed Mary to be the perfect model of consecration.
In his eyes, no one responds more fully to God’s call to share in holiness.
It is through Her Immaculate Conception that She is the perfect model of consecration.

“When the time appointed for the redemption of mankind had come, Eternal Wisdom built Himself a house worthy to be His dwelling place. He created the most holy Virgin, forming Her in the womb of St. Anne with even greater delight than He has derived from creating the universe…the torrential outpouring of God’s infinite goodness which has been rudely stemmed by the sins of men since the beginning of the world was not released precipitately and in full flood into the heart of Mary. Eternal Wisdom gave to Her all the graces which Adam and all his descendants would have received so liberally from Him has they remained in their original state of justice. The fullness of God… was poured into Mary insofar as a creature is capable of receiving it.”

Mary provides us with this
holy example of
how to live a life consecrated to the Consecrated One.

She herself,
consecrated from birth,
carried the Consecrated,
and lived a perfect life of consecration
truly is the model for the consecrated life.
For the life of Holy.
A life dedicated to the Consecrated One.

This Lenten blog series is based upon St. Louis de Montfort's writings. Unless otherwise noted, all the phrases in quotation marks are taken from the book Jesus Living in Mary.

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