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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Answer His Call. Advent Day 19. December 19, 2013.

I am caught between the two, I long to depart from this life and be with Christ, for that is far better. Yet that I remain in the flesh is far more necessary for your benefit.
Philippians 1:24

Paul got it.
He understood.
He knew with his whole being the purpose of his life.

He wanted to be with Christ more than anything
but he realized that he was stuck on earth,
with a mission to help bring others to heaven.

Talk about taking command of the situation.
Instead of complaining 
and doing a crappy job,
Paul takes hold of the situation.
He does what is asked of him. 
He remains on earth in order to bring others to heaven.

Christ is going to ask us to do things we might not want to do.
He is going to challenge us.
He is going to put us in places that we are not comfortable with.
He is going to ask us to stay instead of advancing.
He is going to ask us to move forward when we would rather stay.

We could complain.
Rather, we most likely do complain.
But instead of complaining.
We could follow Paul’s example.

There is nothing wrong with stating something as it is
but then move on and make the most of the situation.

I’m caught between the two.
I’d rather be with Christ.
I’m stuck here with you guys,
so let’s make it productive.
Hopefully we can all go to heaven.

We are allowed to be uncomfortable.
And it’s okay to say how we feel
but dwelling on the situation will do no good.

In our discomfort,
carpe diem,
seize the day.
Take hold of the situation and bring God glory.

Maybe our situation will be nothing like Paul’s
and maybe while on earth we will never be blessed to be in the mindset that Paul was.
But that does not mean we cannot follow His example.

Even if you would rather be doing something else.
Do what Christ is calling you to.

Answer His call.

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