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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Set the World Ablaze. Advent Day 14. December 14, 2013.

 If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze!
-St. Catherine of Siena

This quote goes along nicely with our Advent goals
and with ultimately fulfilling our missions.

We are a little bit more than half way through Advent.
This is when the goals can get rough.
You forget about them,
pretend to forget about them,
substitute them for something easier or more convenient,
or you have so many Christmas cookies to bake and there is no way your goal is attainable today.

What better way to fuel our goals than be offered an amazing visual 
of what our world would look like when are goals are complete?
Same thing as hanging those jeans that are a size smaller on the back of your door
or posting a picture of your dream vacation destination.
These little things help your goals become more attainable
and you are more motivated to attain them.

If you are what you should be.

We are children of God.
We are called to more.
We are called to be greater than the standards of this world.
We are called out.
We are not of this world.
Called to spread the Gospel.
Called to love.
Called to challenge.
We are called to be Christ to others.
Called to hold fast to the teachings of the Church,
even if or when we do not agree.
Do all this,
then we will make headway towards being what we should be.

If we do,
We will set the whole world ablaze.

We will set the world on fire.
We will excite people about the Holy Spirit just simply by our actions.
We will teach people about the Church.
We will show people that they are loved.
We will teach people the truth.

People will come flocking to the Church
for it is Truth.
People crave truth,
regardless of how their actions may say otherwise.
People are in dire need of true love.
Most of all,
people crave the Eucharist.
In the Church they will find Him.
The whole world will be set ablaze.

Does this maybe ignite a small little flame underneath your Advent goals?
Go get ‘em.

Be who you are supposed to be,
and you will set the whole world ablaze.  

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